Kalender Vastgoed

Meer dan 10 jaar de dienstverlener in vastgoed.

Postbus 4372, 3006 AJ ROTTERDAM


+31 6 21 40 58 26


What about us?

You know how it is: When you’re working toward something, keeping your focus is much easier. A woman may want to lose weight, for example, but perhaps she struggles to stick to a diet or exercise plan. But if her son’s wedding is looming three months away on her calendar, she may be more inspired to stay on track, cutting back on second helpings and getting in workouts. Your goals can serve as inspiration in adopting good time-management skills.

Our Achievements

  • 2014 Best Sales Award
  • 2015 Customer Service Award
  • 2016 Employee-of-the Month Award
  • 2017 Quality Award and Safety Award

Our Skills

Wordpress 85%
Drupal 70%
HTML 100%
CSS3 95%

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